Below is a list of presentations currently available.

Title Brief Description Name
The Medical Device Risk Management Imperative The bar for risk management has suddenly moved higher for medical device companies. After numerous product-safety-related recalls and field actions... Sharad Narayan and Jim Prutow from PRTM
New Frontiers for Aerosol Development: The Pulmonary Infusion Pump Medical aerosol development has radically transformed over the last 50 years. To date, every aerosol drug/device combination has been approved for... James B Fink, PhD, RRT, FAARC, FCCP
A Clairvoyante Speaks: The influence of retinal biology and psycho-physics on flat panel display technology Color flat panel displays are an interface device between two very different computing environments, one hardware, one wetware an interface between... Candace Brown Elliott, CEO Nouvoyance
The Early Technical Evaluation of Medical Devices, with Digressions How can you maximize the value of a new product while minimizing the risk of failure? Choosing the right target is more difficult than it seems, and... Frank Ingle, CEO, Instruments for Science and Medicine, Inc.
Doing International Business Ethically: Overcoming Conflict Between Local Law and Universal Ethics An intriguing discussion of what the definition of ethics is and is not followed by a Framework for Ethical Decision Making. Elie Asmar, CEO Interpro Inc., Adjunct Faculty University of San Francisco and UC Berkeley Extension
Life Scientist Applies His Knowledge to Production and Selling of Improved Poultry Feed: How Biotechnology Can Provide Healthier Chickens Robert Carter will talk about the company he has founded and how he's applying biotech methods to enhance the quality and production of poultry feed... Robert Carter, CEO Finca Nicoya
Harnessing the power of Linkedin This hands-on seminar will de-mystify the world of LinkedIn by walking you through the layers of potential found in this powerful business networking... David Stevens- Program & Events Manager , Chamber of Commerce Mountain View
Using Failure to Create Success: Case Study of a Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Device This presentation will illuminate how important failure is to successfully developing new products. I will discuss the various types of failure, and... Peter Mills, VP Business Development, Speck Design
Show Them the Money - Building a Commercial Story that Will Interest Investors and Management When reviewing an early stage company for investment, funders and partners look closely at the technology’s potential market value. Similarly,... Candace Engelsen, Principal at BioMed Marketing
Rapid Methods for Pathogen Detection and Identification Using Real-Time PCR and16S rDNA Sequencing Rapid pathogen detection systems have become important tools for monitoring food, pharmaceuticals as well as environmental safety. To address growing... Priya Balachandran, PhD, Staff Scientist, Life Technologies