Below is a list of presentations currently available.

Title Brief Description Name
Stem Cell Biology: Progress, hopes, hypes and hurdles Stem Cell Research: Hopes, Hype and Hurdles As we enter the second decade of the new millennium we may well find that discoveries from stem cell... Monica Ranes-Goldberg, Ph.D.
From Academia to Entrepreneurship to a Fortune 20 Company--One Person’s Journey… Mike shared his professional experiences over the last 25+ in diverse employment settings ranging from Academia (UCSF) to Entrepreneurship (Oncology... Mike Cunningham, Pharm.D.
Medical Device Clinical Research around the World Dr. Sujith Shetty shared insights about the need for clinical research & evidence based & its impact on the industry. He discussed challenges... Dr. Sujith Shetty - Clinical Research Manager - Micrus Endovascular Corporation
Product Life Cycle Management in Medical Devices Experience has shown that effective life cycle management (LCM) is critical to maintaining customer satisfaction, while minimizing waste and expense... Susie Faries, CEO SciMed Partners
Journey of an Entrepreneur Hira Thapliyal will discuss his journey from a physicist to a leading serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley/USA. He will discuss the highs and lows,... Hira Thapliyal, PhD, CEO & President of VytronUs
Optically Guided Surgery The introduction of the laser as a therapeutic surgical tool in the 1960's has had a profound effect on certain fields of medicine, particularly in... John Black, PhD.
Biotech Start-ups from the Inside Out—An Unconventional Story of 3 Decades in the World of Emerging Companies Start-ups, especially as they emerge from early stage development and drive toward commercialization, have their own unique characteristics and... David DeNola, Biotechnology Emerging Company Consultant
Launching a Consumer Medical Start-up: the Aardvark Medical Experience Aardvark Medical has identified an opportunity to address a recurring problem seen in the ER; infants and toddlers (5 years and younger) with severe... Richard Treadwell, President & CEO
Have you considered consulting? Find out what you need to start and succeed at your own consultancy If you’re between jobs, consider starting your own consultancy. It’s easy to set up your own business & it shows you have initiative and drive (... Toby Freedman, President, Synapsis Search
Investigational New Drug Application (IND): When Required and Content of Submission Combination products & personalized medicine often require knowledge about the different regulatory requirements for devices, drugs,&... Louise Johnson, Senior Consultant, Biologics Consulting Group