Below is a list of presentations currently available.

Title Brief Description Name
The Science Behind Career Success UpMo is an intelligent, personalized service that leverages the science behind career success to empower professionals in getting the job they want... Aswan Morgan, Social Media/Community Manager, UpMo
Electronic-based readout technologies for improved clinical research and diagnostics The development of electronic readout platforms, its associated chemistry, and its applications in protein detection Nader Pourmand, Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz
How Training Can Improve Sponsor and Clinical Trial Site Relationships and Positively Impact Trial Outcomes Bev Hudson will explore the important role of training in clinical research covering topics: Major gaps in current clinical site training practices... Bev Hudson, MBA, Vice President and General Manager, MedPoint Communications, Inc., Research Services Group
Marketing Your First Biotech Service on $50 a Day (or Less) Learn how to land your first customers by differentiating your product from the competition without spending a fortune. David A. Lustig, Ph.D. VP, Client Development, Optivia Biotechnology Inc.
Managing Complaints, Adverse Events, and Recalls his presentation will review the various actions that may be taken by a medical device manufacturer when it is determined that there is a health risk... Connie Hoy Vice President of RA/QA Xoft, Inc.
Critical Role of Pharmaceutical Packaging and Delivery Device in Bio/Pharma and Device Industry Learn about proper packaging and delivery device in order to be successful in the Bio/Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industries. Patty H Kiang, Ph.D. President, Kiang Consultant Services
SmartMOVETM Actuators: Electroactive Polymer Devices for Biomedical Systems Discussion of Artificial Muscle, Inc. (AMI) and the company’s activities in the design and manufacture of smartMOVE TM actuators and sensors based on... John Bashkin, Ph.D., MBA Business Development Director Artificial Muscle, Inc
Proposed EU Regulatory Changes in Medical Device Directives and What it Means for the Companies in the Device Industry Recently, The European Commission released the latest and final recommendations for changes to the Medical Device Directive. While the reforms fall... Krishna Ghosh, Ph.D.
Frontiers of the Medical Device Industry: India as a Market and Source of Innovation This presentation focuses on the healthcare market, and in particular the fast-growing medtech segment, in India. Healthcare in the developed world,... Anurag Mairal, Ph.D.
Case Study: An integrated approach to high quality robust manufacturing This presentation will provide insights to manufacturing that should be of interest to those working in and supporting manufacturing environments, as... Bill Wright