Below is a list of presentations currently available.

Title Brief Description Name
Pharma and Digital Health In today's turbulent healthcare landscape, every stakeholder from care providers to payers to patients is on new ground. The life sciences industry... Yan Chow, MD- Medical Director for Digital Health in the Medical Sciences Early Development Group @ Amgen
Cyber-security in Medical Device Industry Today's interconnected world has brought numerous advances in health care and with it increased risk. Connected medical devices are susceptible to... Rollie Olson, Varian Medical
YawaMed’s novel approach to treat Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Emboli In the US, approximately 600K people have a pulmonary embolism each year, and about 30% of them die. Pulmonary embolism (PE) occurs when a blood clot... Gerardo Noriega, CEO YawaMed
Specifics of Pharmaceutical development for global clinical trials The globalization of clinical trials has been a regulatory strategy to increase patient participation, awareness in the medical community, cost... Chitra Sharma, gcompliance
Fist Assist: The first renal failure medical wearable Dr. Tej Singh, the creator of the Fist Assist device, will share his novel, external device to help mature fistulas for hemodialysis. The... Tej Singh, CEO/President, Fist Assist
CardioConnect (tm), teleHealth, Heart health tracking LifeWave Biomedical is developing a digital health product in value-based care, called the CardioConnect system, that improves the management of... Steve Stephansen, CEO, LifeWave Biomedical