Below is a list of presentations currently available.

Title Brief Description Name
International Market Entry Strategies and Considerations for Market Prioritization To ensure success medical device start-ups have to make efficient use of their limited resources and prioritize. This talk will examine the many... Kirk Zeller, Managing Director and Co-Founder, MedMarket Access, LLC
The Digital Health Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities With $4B in venture funding last year and over 200K medical apps currently available for download, digital health has captured the attention of... Anne Merritt,MD - Stanford University Medical School
A Clinical Trial Roadmap: Who, What, When, and How – Practices, Perspectives and Personal Insights While many of us conceptually understand the clinical trial process, a deeper dive will provide essential information regarding the parties involved... David Larwood, CEO, Valley Fever Solutions
Current Trends in Animal Models for Preclinical Evaluations Dr. Felix Vega's presentation provided an overview of the use of animal models in preclinical evaluations, primarily of medical devices. We will... Felix Vega, VMD- Preclinical Consultation
Liquid Biopsies: A Fundamental Advance in Cancer Care Liquid Biopsies use circulating biomarker signals (e.g. circulating tumor DNA) found in blood to characterize, and potentially even detect, cancer... Mark Jacobstein, Chief User Engagement Officer, Guardant Health
Radiation Sterilization Validation Larry covereed the following topics: Types of Radiation Product Qualification Process Qualification and Controls Effects on Various Materials... Larry Nichols, CEO, Steri-Tek
Why Japan should be top of an OUS growth strategy David's presentation will: Provide context in which a start-up or mature device firm can consider Japan Provide an “insiders” view of the market... David Smith -Co-Founder and Managing Director, Asia MedMarket Access/MedMarket Access LLC
New regulations and Corporate Finances For meddevice companies based in the US, some upcoming regulatory changes could mean a faster regulatory path and therefore higher profitability. Or... Patrick Lee,
PCBs and Digital Haelth An overview of the PCB's role and issues in digital health. JB Foreman, Thiry Five Engineering
Recent Advances in Addressing Recruitment, Enrollment and Retention of Women In Cardiovascular Medical Device Clinical Trials Progress on gender bias and under-representation of women in cardiovascular medical device trials continues to be a challenging issue. The reasons... Tami Shipman, Dir of CLinical Affairs at Vascular Dynamics