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Medical Device Business Development: Partnering with Larger Companies - Benefits, Challenges, and Strategies. Partnering with larger companies is often the quickest way for startups and small companies to realize their full market potential. Analyses of such... Karun Shimoga, PhD, MBA
SF Bay Area Biomedical Industry Emergence: Sectors, Talent, and Resources The biomedical industry is growing and evolving in the SF Bay Area because new sectors are developing, talent is driving innovation, and the region... Gregory Theyel- Program Director, BioMedical Manufacturing Network
BioMedical Devices: How wide? How Narrow? Medical devices address a huge variety of health-related issues and include very “simple devices” such as bandages to highly sophisticated life-... Prof Guna Selvaduray, SJSU, DIrector of Biomedical Engineering
Have you done enough to meet new FDA Regulations for Biocompatibility Risk Assessment? Thor reviewed benefits of developing a Biological Risk Evaluation Plan to evaluate the Biocompatibility hazard of a device or combination product and... Thor Rollins, Senior Scientist- Certified Microbiologist, Nelson Laboratories
Volumetric Integral Phase-shift Spectroscopy (VIPS): A New Paradigm in Intracranial Fluid Monitoring Currently, there is a significant gap in diagnosing and monitoring patients with brain edema and bleeding. Volumetric integral phase-shift... Mark Shusterman, MD- CMO Cerebrotech Medical Systems, Inc.
Looking in the Rearview Mirror – Can We Say Anything About SFBA Life Science Performance in 2017 The Northern California/ San Francisco Bay Area offer a unique environment for developing life science technologies in biotech, pharma, diagnostics... Harry Wachob -President, Bio2Device Group
Earlens: Next Generation Hearing Technology Overview Hearing technology is advancing rapidly. Hearables are the new wearables, with ear-level devices receiving considerable interest from tech developers... Bill Facteau & Brent Edwards
GutCheck: an "EKG for the Gut” GI disorders affect 15-20% of the population, and GI dysfunctions such as post-operative ileus are common in millions of surgeries/year. Functional... Steve Axelrod, CEO, G-Tech Medical
Immuno-oncology 2017 - The crux of the matter, the thrill of the chase Clinical data & product approvals for immune checkpoint inhibitor monoclonal antibody drugs, particularly those targeting PD-1, PD-L1 & CTLA-... Alex Franzusoff, Senior Vice President, Research and Product Development, PACT Pharma
Brink of Catastrophe: Catching Addiction Early One in ten Americans has Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD. AUD must be treated effectively like any other disease. It’s not a disease of willpower. It’s a... David Deacon, CEO, DxRx