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Title Brief Description Name
Starting a new job? - don’t blow it! How to effectively transition when starting work. In his book ‘the first 90 days’, Prof. Michael Watkins, Harvard Business School, explains how to avoid the ‘sink and swim’ environment of most... Rohit Gupta, Ph.D.
Pharmaceutical R&D, and Getting a Biotech Startup Going Dr. Basil A. Burke is currently Vice President of Alacritas BioPharma, a biopharmaceutical spin-off of Clinimetrics Research Associates. Prior to... Basil Burke, Ph.D.
Maximize Your Company’s Value through Design Control Design control case study Shelley Trimm Senior Project Manager, Alquest, Inc.
Trends in Outsourcing R&D in Medical Devices Outsourcing in the medical device sector Simon Hawksworth - VP of Sales & Marketing Circle Medical Devices
Design Control - Good Engineering, Not Just Paperwork The 9 elements of design control Tom Shoup
Using the ‘Voice of Patient’ (or doctor, nurse or caretaker) to turn Well- Engineered Devices into Well-Designed Products and Experiences Overview of Smart Design's product design and development firm that specializes in user centered research activities to help companies translate... Eric Freitag, Director, Engineering Services of Smart Design Lead of their Healthcare Initiative
The Role of Patients in Treatment Decisions: Its Impact on Product Development and Marketing How patients’ active roles in choosing and staying on medications can impact both drug development and marketing programs Julie Tompkins - Senior VP Timely Data Resources
Six Pillars of Success: Analytical Screen for Assessing Potential for a Life Science Company A checklist for evaluating products and companies, and discussing the role of in-depth opportunity assessments, business plans and their content Audrey Erbes, Ph.D, Principal, Erbes & Associates
Evidence Based Medicine: What are the Expectations for New Products Define the principles of evidence based medicine and suggest how you can develop products and complete the clinical studies that will meet the... David Horwitz. M.D., PhD Vice President, WW Clinical Affairs & Evidence Based Medicine LifeScan
Medical Device Security: Challenges and Solutions Approaches you can take to protect medical device investments, early in the product life cycle Mike Ahmadi and Mark Schaeffer, GraniteKey, LLC