Operationalizing Product Management for Telehealth Devices-Padmasri Bhetanabhotla-10/03/2017 - 8:30am

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Event Topic: 
Operationalizing Product Management for Telehealth Devices
Event Date: 
10/03/2017 - 8:30am
Event Location: 
Sunnyvale City Council Chambers- 456 West Olive Ave., Sunnyvale
Speaker Information
Event Speaker: 
Padmasri Bhetanabhotla
Event Speaker Title: 
Director of Product Management
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HealthExpense, Inc.
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Padmasri earned her Master’s degree in Material Science from PSG College of Technology in India and her second Master’s degree in Computer Science from Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio. Since she has worked as a Software Engineer and rose in ranks to a Manager. After moving to California in 2000, she moved into Product Management. Later she worked as a Product Manager and rose in ranks to be the Director of Product Management. Padmasri has worked in several companies ---- sizes ranging from big to small. Lexis-Nexis, Oracle and Robert Bosch being the big companies, Cincinnati Bell Information Systems, MedPlus, Epocrates, being the medium sized companies and iMetrikus and HealthExpense being the small companies.

Event Details
Event Details: 

This talk will cover how we operationalized product development for a medical device. Real life examples will be presented from my experience as a Product Manager leading teams that were developing new products or making revisions to existing products. I will discuss the challenges we faced and how we optimized new and existing products through the process. Finally, I will review lessons learned to help prevent from encountering some of the challenges we faced. The talk will be divided into five segments.

1. Medical Devices and Regulations – What is required?
2. Milestones and Gates (Waterfall model)
3. Challenges faced during the various milestones
4. Optimizations made to meet the deadlines
5. Suggestions for future modifications